When a Veteran enters a VA Hospital or VA Center it is important that they are given the utmost respect and best care possible. Not all those that enter these facilities leave, due to some medical and/or live changing event and they need to know that they are loved, will be cared for and that they and their needs will be taken care of. This is why doctors, nurses, staff, Hospital/VA Center Representatives, Deputies and Volunteers play such a vital part in giving care and comfort to our Veterans.
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The Hospital Program for the Department of Pennsylvania will focus on
1. Recruiting and Engaging Volunteers: VFW, Auxiliary, as well as Non-Members
2. Finding new and creative ways to serve our Veterans
3. Honoring Veterans on Holidays
4. Recognition of Volunteers/Representatives/Deputies
5. Women’s Veterans Health Care
6. "Final Salute” Honors Escort Program

Honoring Veterans on Holidays:
Find a local nursing home or VA Hospital, There are plenty of holidays throughout the year. Don’t forget however…. Valentines for Veterans – share the love! The week of February 14 (Valentine’s Day) is also National Salute to Veteran Patients week. We want to take this opportunity to say "thank you” to our veterans staying in our VA and non-VA medical facilities. Use this week to renew the spirit of hospital volunteerism with "Valentine’s for Veterans”. Pay tribute and express appreciation in a variety of ways, from ward visits, Valentine’s Day Parties, distributing or sending Valentine’s cards. 

"Final Salute" Honors Escort Program
Final Salute is an opportunity to honor each veteran in a respectful and open manner and provides and opportunity for a veteran's family and friends, other veterans and medical facility staff to participate in a display of high regard and reverence for the individual at the time of death.
If you want more information about this incredible program see this guide
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If you have extra cards of any time feel free to drop the off at the VFW we would be happy to use them.